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Online Stock Trading Full Training Program

Our zero to hero program is the best in the industry at bringing any level of trader to profitability through a combination of educational modules and hands-on experience over a five months period.


Trading Journal and Advanced Analytics

“By keeping track of your results, you will gain insight into yourself and your trading that no book, seminar, indicator, or system could ever tell you.” – Mark Minervini


One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring

Helping individuals to unlock their potential and accomplish their goals is a great way to find purpose in your work.

Trading Masters

Our zero to hero program is the best in the industry at bringing any level of trader to profitability through a combination of educational modules and hands-on experience over a five-month period. It is suited for the following students:

Promising Traders

Someone who has zero to little knowledge in stocks but who's willing to do the work until you could pursue a trading career with a process driven approach

Stock Market Investors

Someone who has an experienced in the stock market as an investor but still wants to learn systematic trading strategy in order to boost investment portfolio.

Seasoned Traders

Someone who has an experienced in trading but is still looking for new and powerful trading setups to add in one's arsenal.

Trading Edge

AOL Signature Exclusive Set-ups

Use our 6 Trading Edge (AOL Signature Setup) so you could adapt any market environment

SAVE Framework

An active investing strategy which will protect your capital and could offer good (if not great) ROI by only trading stalwart companies.

Big Bang Set-up

Catch big moves after an explosive breakout while momentum is in your favor with good RRR. (Trading Breakout)

BuRST Set-up

Provides an opportunity to profit by entering a trade during temporary price reversal before the continuation of the larger trend. (Trading Pullback)

STTF Pro Set-up

A hybrid setup of momentum and swing trading which stands for Short Term Trend Following.

One Day Reversal (ODR)

Attempt to profit from a short-term correction or "bounce" off of the identified support once the price falls toward an important level of support after parabolic moves.

Bottom Picking 2.0

Bottom picking trading strategy

Course Content's Outline

Our training program, Zero to Hero Guide Full Training Course, has been so in-demand to the point that we decided to make a brand new image and take trading to a higher level! Trading Masters trading course is designed to help even absolute beginners learn how to trade. The training course is absolutely 100% online. Each lesson will feature an online live training video conferencing with written infographic notes, student homework, virtual and/or live practical trading.

A guide to master one skillset in less than 180 days.

(7 Steps to Achieve Financial and Time Freedom) A proven framework and step-by-step guide to achieve financial and time freedom and a right way.

Introduction to stock market.

Identifying the market cycle based on Wyckoff Theory. Knowing when to risk on and when to risk off so you can maximize your profit by switching the assets class from stocks, money market and bonds.
Combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to determines a stock’s intrinsic value and analyze other factors that may affect the price in the future. Screening of solid companies where to invest or what to trade.

In our Technical Analysis module it is not just a study of price but the study of when & how to enter, when to hold, and when to exit.

By mastering the 4 concepts of technical analysis:
candlesticks, support and resistance, role reversal, and trend will give an edge to maximize the full potential on how to make money on stocks through market timing.

The module will discuss also on how to use properly the different indicators and oscillators such as Moving Average, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, ADX to use in your trading edge advantage.

Learn how to set your trading guidelines that you should use to define your trading rules – what, when and how to trade. This will help manage your risk better, streamline your decision making, help you to enter/exit based on strategy and not emotion and maintain discipline through 7 components of complete trading system that is used by many professional traders.
Protect your trading account from the danger of all your capital by using AOL predefined value at risk, position sizing, managing your drawdowns, and proper trade management.

Know yourself so you can align your strategy to your profile by checking the optimal balance between fit and preference to find which trading profile such momentum trading, swing trading, position trading, or value investing that fits you.

Trading psychology is essentially one’s thought process OR proper mindset when it comes to trading.

Backtesting refers to the process of checking the effectiveness of a trading strategy against historical data to see if it really works, to see what makes it work and what makes it fail. Allows you to familiarized the set-up and build a muscle memory.

Journal your trades by using our signature AOL Trading Journal and Analytics and then improve trading performance by identifying your strength and weaknesses through top trading KPIs.

Build your right trading habits and discipline thru 90 days trading challenge.

Trading masters

Package Inclusions

Enjoy our perks and benefits that exceed student expectation

Full Training Course

Zero to hero guide 5 months online full training course program.

Lifetime Support Program

Lifetime support program and access to exclusive webinars for continuous improvement.

Copy of eBooks

Lifetime access and copy of eBooks used in the entire training program.

Access to Advanced Trading Tools

Lifetime access to advanced trading tools such as trading journal, trade analytics, and risk management simulator, and more...

Live Chat Assistant

Learn from live chat with fellow traders in our community with daily dose of mentoring.

6 Trading Edge

6 Trading Edge (AOL Signature Setup) for different Market Environment

Pricing Table

AOL Analytics

  • Trading Journal and Logs
  • Advanced Trade Analytics
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Tranche Calculator
  • Risk Management Simulator

AOL Trading Masters

PHP 4,000
  • Before: PHP 8,500 (-53% Discount)
  • One Time Payment
  • No Hidden Charge
  • Full Training Course
  • FREE Lifetime Support Program

One-on-one Coaching

  • Free coaching session for AOL Alumni
  • Build personal awareness
  • Deeper level of learning
  • Improving specific skills
  • Act toward achieving goals


What our students are saying about us

Great course. I have studied about candlesticks and chart patterns before attending the course. However, not able to put them together to make consistent result. This course really stitches together and show me how to combine all the knowledge that I have learnt. I am more confident to trade better with the setups I have learnt. I confident to meet my goals if I take action.

Anthony Mabao
Anthony Mabao

Civil Engineer

One of the best things that have happened to me was being one of the chosen few to be a part of the program. With his guidance, naayos ko yung foundation ko sa technical analysis specially na applicable kahit ano mang strategy ang gamitin mo. With his guidance, natuto din ako ng proper risk management na very useful sa trading.

Kim Ujano
Kim Ujano

SEO Specialist

It’s really incredible training course with insightful and interactive presentations. I have been in 3 online courses but this one is the most productive that give me the edge and confidence in trading. It provides good learning’s with different practical and profitable set ups to guide you on your trading journey. STTF plus risk management give me more confidence in trading volatile stocks especially on Binance platform.

Ronnie Camillo
Ronnie G. Camillo


Sir Abs as one of my coach in trading and investing is one the best decision I made. The way he craft the modules from fundamentals, intermediate up to advanced trading technique gave me the confidence to invest and trade in the market. The discipline he wants to impart on us in trading and his passion for teaching is incomparable. I highly recommend sir Abs as a coach.

Jhelaine Kimberly De Leon
Jhelaine Kimberly De Leon